Systems Administration

Your systems are important. Every minute that they're down, that's time that you could be using to grow your business. So why trust them to someone who's less than the best? RDA will work around the clock to keep your mission-critical systems online and functioning.

Disaster Planning

What would happen if your computer system crashed? Would you still be able to work after losing your data? With RDA, you never need to worry about it. We work with you to find a solution that protects your data, no matter what happens to it.

Information Security

Your company data is valuable. That's why, last year, there were thousands of reported cyber-attacks on small businesses alone. Don't be caught off-guard! RDA can help you secure and lock down your systems so that you're protected from even the toughest attacks.


High Availability

When downtime just isn't an option, let our experience and knowledge provide you a secure piece of mind. From basic COB emergency plans to Power/Server/Cooling design for a whole datacenter, we can help. We can also create custom middleware to ensure your applications transfer seamlessly to the disaster recovery site.

IT Decision Making Assistance

Having trouble deciding between the latest technologies for your infrastructure? We can help you understand, whether it be a router card, a phone system, desktops, or anything technical.

Desktop Support \ Network Support

If you need someone to come on-site to your business, whether one day a week or full time, we can help. Our people are available 24 hrs a day to help you get things done.

Linux Systems

Our engineers know Linux systems inside and out, from CentOS to RedHat. We can set your servers up and keeping them running on the latest updates, so that they'll always function at their best.